View from the London Eye

View from the London Eye
Panoramic View from the London Eye

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Arrival in London!!!!

Crumpet and Zane
I made it!!!  I arrived in London this morning after our 8 hour flights from Orlando to Boston then Boston to London.  I made the trip over the Atlantic with Beth Riggs and our two mascots Zane and Crumpet.  Here they are on the airplane!!

After arriving we took our first taxi ride.  We had a really cool driver that gave us some fun tips on places to visit in London but then we got a little lost and couldnt find the Study Center.  We drove around Great Russel St for about 15 mins before we finally found it next to the British Museum.  

FSU Study Center

Our Flat
After we made it to the study center we checked in and were given the keys to our bad our flat was back on the opposite side of the British Museum and we had to roll our luggage all the way there.  Once we found our flat Beth and I were able to meet our flat mates Jackie and Joey.  We all settled in before heading back to the Study Center for Orientation where I got to meet everyone in the program as well as the administrators at the Study Center.

Orientation over, we took to the streets of London for a quick walking tour led by one of the Study Center councilors.  Our flat is almost in the heart of London, we have access to some amazing landmarks, museums, theaters, shopping areas, and restaurants.  However, after the long flight and a full day of getting acquainted with the area.  Beth, Jackie, and I decided that it was time for some authentic English food so we found a restaurant and all ordered...Fish and Chips!!!!

Now that my head and belly are full I will be joining my mascot Zane in my bed for, hopefully, a good nights sleep!



  1. The outside of your flat looks awesome! Take some pics inside! I hope the mishap gets cleared up. Puj and I received your email and we both called your mom.

    We miss you already. :)

  2. agree, even though i am a day late on reading the posts. :) i promised i wouldn't say this but im so J!