View from the London Eye

View from the London Eye
Panoramic View from the London Eye

Friday, July 22, 2011

West End Musicals!

So far I have only been able to attend one musical performance since we have been in London, Billy Elliot: The Musical.  However, London's West End is home to some of the most amazing musicals in the world!

The Victoria Palace Theatre, playing Billy Elliot
Theatre has been a part of Londoner society since the 1570s and has only grown in importance.  The first West End theatre was build in 1663 on Drury Lane and even though it was destroyed by the fire in 1672 it was rebuilt, thus beginning the tradition of building theatres in the West End of London.

Many of the buildings that still stand in the West End were built in the 19th century and have continued to have a secure place in the West End area.

**Musical Posters were gathered from 
As of today shows such as The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Wicked, The Lion King, Billy Elliot: The Musical, Chicago, Betty Blue Eyes, Jersey Boys, Mamma Mia, and We Will Rock You are playing on West End stages.  And there are new musicals coming out every year.  In the coming months new productions such as, Matilda: The Musical and Rock of Ages will grace the London stages for the first time.

It is an exciting time to be in the musical business, not only for the performers, but for the audiences as well!

Listen to my podcast to learn more about the history of London's West End and about 3 musicals being performed there!

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