View from the London Eye

View from the London Eye
Panoramic View from the London Eye

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

The past three days have been full to the brim with activity.  So let me catch you up!

On Friday, we went to the British Museum!
The British Museum
 Where we were able to view the all-important Rosetta Stone and the famous Elgin Marbles!
The Elgin Marbles
The Elgin Marbles

 Zane and his friend Crumpet even got excited about the they are posing with the Gayer-Anderson Cat in the Egyptian section of the museum.

Zane, Crumpet, and the Gayer-Anderson Cat
 The British Museum is huge and on this trip I was only able to see 3 of the sections the museum has, the Egyptian, the Syrian, and the Greek.  As an aspiring museum employee it was really interesting to see how this huge museum set up their exhibits, what information they address at each exhibit, and how they handle the vast number of people that come into their facility everyday.  I am planning on taking another trip back to the museum to see more of their amazing collection!

On Saturday, 2 of my classmates, Jackie and Christina, and myself took a trip to Portobello Road.

Jackie and Christina posing by the Notting Hill Library
On our way to Portobello Road the three of us stumbled upon the newly opened Notting Hill Library.

It was the perfect small town library and all three of us were gushing about how much we would love to work there :).

Finally, we arrived at Portobello Road.  On Saturdays this quiet street near Notting Hill turns into a huge street market!  People from all over converge on this one street searching for the best deals on antiques, jewelry, souvenirs, flowers, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Portobello Road Market
Portobella Road was a great outing, the one bad thing...only ONE bathroom (that we were able to find).  None of the shops will let market goers use their toilets on Saturdays because there are so many people.  But the only public toilet was one of the newer ones that cleans itself after every visitor.  This would be all fine and dandy if there werent hundreds of people in that one area.  I had to wait in the bathroom line for at least half an hour...ugh.  But other than that we had a great Saturday!

Saturday night a group of us went out for Chinese in China town then went to sing karaoke at a pub called Molly Moggs...Betty (whose real name will remain secret ; ) and Angela rocked the house!!!

Chinese Dinner!

To finish up the weekend, on Sunday a group of us went to visit the Tower of London where we were able to see the Crown Jewels, a few of the prison cells, and the spot where the queens Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were executed.

The Tower of London
 Overall, it was a very busy weekend but so fun and educational : )!

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