View from the London Eye

View from the London Eye
Panoramic View from the London Eye

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Subways, Buses, and Trains...Oh My!

Today we went to Oxford!  Exciting right!  Well sorry, I am actually going to hold off posting all of the details of this trip until this weekend because I will be posting a video along with the blog of the day!

Even though I am not going into what we did today our trip on the train to Oxford inspired me to write about how much I love the public transportation system here in London!  I wish we had more trains/subways/buses in Florida.  I know that some cities have metros and buses but nothing like this!

The National Rail, which is what we took today to get from Paddington Station in London to Oxford, is a huge network of railways that leads all over the UK.  You can connect to this rail service from the Underground in London, the airports, or any of the major cities. 
On the Train to Oxford
The Tube is one of the major forms of transportation for many Londoners. 
On the Underground
The Underground is one of the most efficient and easiest forms of travel.

Londoners are able to gain quick access to all Tube routs and buses because of what is called an Oyster Card.  All the passenger has to do is place their card on one of the readers in the stations and wait for the light to turn green.  Using this system is very easy and allows one to get through the underground stations quickly which decreases passenger congestion!

In connection with The Tube are London's Red Double Decker Buses (sorry no 3 story purple buses here). 
Red Double Decker Buses

Riding on the Bus after Billy Elliot
On the Bus for a Tour
The buses are great not only for getting around town quickly but also for seeing the sights of London; from the top of the bus you can see all of the shops, attractions, old buildings, advertisements, and the people.

Overall, the public transportation system in London and the UK has been top notch!  I have not had any problems using any of the forms, which is a good sign that a city has a good transportation system because I am not always the best a reading maps : ). 

By having an easy to use transportation system the UK is making travel easy and efficient not only for tourists and visitors but also for the residents of this fine country!

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