View from the London Eye

View from the London Eye
Panoramic View from the London Eye

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Regent's Park
Today we took a relaxing stroll through Regent's Park, up to Primrose Hill to fly kites (like in Mary Poppins), and down Abbey Road where the Beatles's iconic album cover by the same name was taken. 

Regent's Park is the largest grass area in Central London and hosts an open air theatre, the London Zoo, and many cafes.  In the middle of the park is Queen Mary's Garden which primarily houses an array of differently colored roses. 
Rose from Queen Mary's Garden

It was beautiful to the eyes but also the nose...I wanted to roll around in the flowerbeds so that I could smell like the roses for the rest of the day!

The park was also full of wildlife.  Pigeons and Ducks were everywhere!

Zane trying to get in and play with the ducks!
Regent's Park contained everything that I believe a park should.  There were sections where visitors could enjoy the flowers, sit by the lake, have lunch, watch a show, play a sport, or fly a kite.  It amazes me that such a place could exist right in the middle of the bustling town that is London!

Duck Family in Regent's Park
To the north of Regent's Park lies Primrose Hill, which you may recognize from a little movie called Mary Poppins, where we had a picnic lunch and attempted to fly kites like in the movie.  My kite stayed in the air for all of 5 seconds before it drove straight into the groups and broke : (.  As I was on my way back to the picnic area I fell in some slick mud which ended up covering my whole left side.  Needless to say I was done with flying kites.  Others, though, had a lot of success and had their kites flying high with few problems...grumble, grumble, stupid kites, grumble...

Flying Kites on Primrose Hill

Our final stop for the day was Abbey Road where the Beatles recorded their album also named Abbey Road at Abbey Road Studios.
Abbey Road

Today the studio was under construction so we were not able to get a good look at it but were able to take a walk across the cross walk where the album cover for Abbey Road was taken!  Visit the Abbey Road Studios Web Cam to see if they got a picture of us walking across the road today! 

We were even able to sign the wall outside of the studio!  It is an inspirational place for people to come and remember one of the greatest bands of all time!

The wall outside Abbey Road Studios

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